Some New Kind of Slaughter

Some New Kind of SlaughterSome New Kind of Slaughter,
or Lost in the Flood (and How We Found Home Again):
Diluvian Myths from Around the World

by mpMann & A. David Lewis
Archaia, 2009

“Powerful and gorgeous, this graphic novel looks at catastrophic floods and the stories we tell about them.” – Publishers Weekly

If there is one constant throughout most of Earth’s historical nations, cultures, and religions, it is the threat and the destruction of the Great Flood. In the wake of the recent Indian tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and alarm over global warming, the award-winning creators of The Lone and Level Sands return to plumb the depths of the world’s great myths with this graphic novel exploring how this legendary fear may be more relevant now than ever before. Like Noah, sea-bound Ziusudra and other heroes across time must strive against the coming Floods and the baffling will of the gods.

“Lewis and Mann want to examine our beliefs, our wisdom, and even our collective insanity. In Some New Kind of Slaughter, we are forced to examine our own beliefs and what drives us. It’s a tremendous book, and I can’t recommend it enough.” – Greg Burgas, CBR

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