The Religious Studies Project

“Popular Culture and Bruce Springsteen,” an Interview with Kate McCarthy

Popular Culture Studies and Bruce Springsteen: Escaping and Embracing Religion

The Religious Studies Project

“From the Ku Klux Klan to Zombies,” an Interview with Kelly J. Baker

From the Ku Klux Klan to Zombies

The Religious Studies Project

“Popular Culture, Doctor Who, and Religion,” an Interview with James F. McGrath

Popular Culture, Dr. Who, and Religion

Madaya Mom –

by A. David Lewis 12 October 2016 “Real Life Superheroes: Marvel’s Newest Comic About a Syrian Mom, Struggling to Survive” (Originally titled, “The Power of Comics to Educate, Humanize, and Deceive”) Excerpt: These comics are fulfilling the promise of their medium, doing a service in the name of awareness-raising for Syria. But are they doing… Continue reading Madaya Mom –

Panel from X-MEN GOLD #1

We Are All Children of the Atom – Mizan Pop

by A. David Lewis, Michael Pregill, and Hussein Rashid 10 April 2017 “We Are All Children of the Atom: Marvel’s X-Men Gold Controversy, the Qurʾān, and the Problem of Diversity” Excerpt: Marvel’s official statement shows that the anti-Jewish and anti-Christian content was inserted without the approval of management. At the same time, it passed through… Continue reading We Are All Children of the Atom – Mizan Pop