Short List for Best Online Comics Studies Scholarship (BOCSS) Award 2017

For immediate release:

Best Online Comics Studies Scholarship Short List Announced
#BOCSS features writings on Multiculturalism and Abstraction

Poster Illustration by Michael DeforgeOctober 12, 2017. Following a call for submissions, the final pool of candidates has been announced for the inaugural Best Online Comics Studies Scholarship (BOCSS) Award. The four shortlisted works will be considered for one BOCSS Award Winner and one BOCSS Award Honorable Mention announced at the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE) on Saturday, October 21st-22nd on the Lesley University campus.

The BOCSS short list consists of:

Crucifix, Benoît. “Witnessing Fukushima Secondhand: Collage, Archive and Travelling Memory in Jacques Ristorcelli’s Les Écrans.” The Comics Grid. 12 February 2016. Open Library of the Humanities. 12 October 2017. 

Jimenez, Alejandro. “Miles from Representation: On Needing More from Bendis’s Spider-Man.” The Middle Spaces. 5 April 2016. The Middle Spaces. 12 October 2017.

Jooha, Kim. “European Abstract Formalist Comics.” good (art) comics. 14 November 2016. 12 October 2017.

Reyns-Chikuma, Chris, Hugo Frey (eds.), Benoît Glaude, Laurent Bozard, Chris Gavaler, Sara Tanderup, Tiffany Hong, Jean-Matthieu Méon, Julio Gutiérrez, and Julian Peters. “Transformed by Comics.” Image [&] Narrative 17.3 1 August 2016. Open Humanities Press. 12 October 2017.

Two of these four works will be awarded prize packages composed of scholarly and creative works donated by MICE exhibitors. They will be announced at the conclusion of the “Comics & Islam” panel with speakers A. David Lewis, Hussein Rashid, Sara Alfageeh, and moderator Hilary Chute.

Learning of making the BOCSS short list, Jimenez responded: “I’m honored to be considered for this award. Thank you to Osvaldo and The Middle Spaces  for pushing me to write this and for nominating me.” Similarly, Crucifix said, “Kudos to Ernesto Priego, Peter Wilkins, and the whole Comics Grid team.”

Jooha added, “It is a great honor. I love comics, especially those that question our perceptions and preconceptions of the world and provide new perspectives. I am fortunate that for whatever reason I am attracted to forms because too many of us only pay attention to narratives. I am glad that I can help diversifying comics discourse with my writing. Thank you.”

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