Nominations Now Open for “Best Online Comics Studies Scholarship:

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The Best Online Comics Studies Scholarship (BOCSS) Award
Returns to MICE 2017!

MICE 2017After last year’s enthusiastic response, the Best Online Comics Studies Scholarship (BOCSS) Award is once again open for nominations! As before, in a good-natured spirit of inclusion, for the pursuit of knowledge, and as supplement to the Eisner Awards and forthcoming Comics Studies Society accolades, we welcome nominations to BOCSS for writing and online publication conducted in 2016. 

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Though the Eisner Awards has a marvelous category for “Best Scholarly/Academic Work,” nominations for this group preclude online publications. Further, the “Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism” might consider online sources, it largely misses the scholarly aim that excluded works might have. Therefore, in the good-natured spirit of both inclusion and knowledge, I once again propose the Best Online Comics Studies Scholarship (BOCSS) Award for writing and online publication conducted in 2016. 

Following this announcement of the Award’s aims and a wide call for nominations, proposed works would be culled to a shortlist and released for voting to self-identified comics scholars and enthusiasts of mature standing, accompanied by an overview/analysis of the candidates themselves. Then, the final voting results would be announced during the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE), with the shortlisted nominees and the winner* either in attendance or available electronically (e.g. Skype, Google Hangout, etc.). 

At MICE, in advance of the ballot results, a panel on comics studies will address current topics in the field. In essence, these independent scholars and small online operations dovetail nicely with the university setting and alternative spirit of MICE itself; a blending of academics and artisans – sometimes one and the same! – that’s mutually rewarding for all. 

The nomination submission process closes on Monday, October 9th.

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