Short List for Best Online Comics Studies Scholarship (#BOCSS)

For immediate release:

Best Online Comics Studies Scholarship Short List Announced
#BOCSS features writings on Race, Media, and the Digital

Poster Illustration by Raúl the ThirdOctober 13, 2016. Following a call for submissions, the final pool of candidates has been announced for the inaugural Best Online Comics Studies Scholarship (BOCSS) Award. The four shortlisted works will be considered for one BOCSS Award Winner and one BOCSS Award Honorable Mention announced at the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE) on Saturday, October 29th on the Lesley University campus.

The BOCSS short list consists of:

Jones, Robert. “Humanity Not Included: DC’s Cyborg and the Mechanization of the Black Body.” The Middle Spaces. 31 March 2015. The Middle Spaces. 13 October 2016.

Postema, Barbara. “Establishing Relations. Photography in Wordless Comics.” Image and Narrative. 1 June 2015. Open Humanities Press. 13 October 2016.

Santos, Jorge. “Ambulatory Identities: Montijo’s Revision of Chicano/a Hybridity in Pablo’s Inferno.” ImageTexT  8.3. 1 November 2015. Dept of English, University of Florida. 13 October 2016.

Whitson, Roger Todd, Anastasia Salter (eds.), Nick Sousanis, Jason Muir Helms, Aaron Jacob Kashtan, Aaron Scott Humphrey, Robert Dennis Watkins, Tom Lindsley, and B.J. Parker. “Comics as Scholarship.” Digital Humanities Quarterly 9.4. 30 December 2015. The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations. 13 October 2016.

Two of these four works will be awarded prize packages composed of scholarly and creative works donated by a MICE exhibitors. They will be announced at the conclusion of the “Comics Scholarship & Criticism” panel with speakers Karen Green, Hilary Chute, Forrest Helvie, and moderator A. David Lewis.

Learning of making the BOCSS short list, Jones responded: “A big thank you and much gratitude to the nomination committee, and to my editor, The Middle Spaces creator Osvaldo Oyola, who submitted my piece for consideration.” Similarly, Postema said, “I would like to thank Nancy Pedri for including my article in her special issue on photography and comics, and I want to thank Jan Baetens and Image & Narrative for their longstanding commitment to academic open access.”

Attendance to MICE on October 29-30 is free with further programming provided on their website (